5 Questions to Ask an Auto Glass Repair Shop

Before working with any kind of repair shop, it’s important to find out about their qualifications and services. Knowing this information about their background can help you determine whether you can trust a shop with the work you need to have done.  This is especially truewhen it comes to windshield repair shops. BEAM Auto Glass … [Read more…]

How Much Does Windshield Repair Cost?

From the tiniest chip to a crack that shatters your glass, windshield damage is frustrating – not to mention a safety hazard. When you need auto glass repair, you want to work with a professional team that will get it fixed quickly. But what is the typical windshield repair cost in South Carolina? BEAM Auto Glass in Rock Hill, … [Read more…]

What Are the Types of Windshield Cracks?

Getting a crack in your windshield is frustrating enough, but it can also be frustrating to try and describe that crack to a windshield repair service. An auto glass repair company will usually want to know some details about the crack so they can decide which type of service you need and approximately how long it … [Read more…]

How Bad Is Your Windshield’s Damage?

Chips and cracks in the windshield of your vehicle are hazardous, not to mention annoying. But how do you know if you need a windshield replacement or a windshield repair? When cracks occur due to weather or hail damage, a rock or road debris, or from a minor accident, you must assess the damage before … [Read more…]

How To File A Windshield Replacement Claim

cracked windshield

Accidents happen, and our car’s windshields are often the victims. There’s nothing more frustrating than when they get damaged. If unforeseen damage happens to your auto glass, you’ll want to get your windshield fixed as quickly as possible for safety’s sake. As with any type of insurance claim, there are a few steps you’ll have to … [Read more…]