4 Things to Know About the Windshield Repair Process

Your windshield has a tiny crack and it’s driving you crazy! You want to get it fixed before it gets worse and forces you to get your entire windshield replaced. But what happens during the windshield repair process? How long does it take? And what exactly does a service team do to make these auto glass … [Read more…]

Is Windshield Repair Possible for Your Auto Glass Damage?

Any time you have glass, you run the risk of damage. This is especially true with auto glass. When you’re driving down the road at speeds of 60 miles per hour or more, even the tiniest rock can cause a noticeable chip or crack in your windshield. If this happens to you, you may be tempted … [Read more…]

Auto Glass Repair for Fire-Damaged Windshields

Just like anything else that’s made of glass, windshields will break or crack if they’re hit hard enough. Storm damage, vandalism, and collisions with animals are among the many reasons drivers have to seek out auto glass repair or a full windshield replacement. Another reason that doesn’t seem quite as common is fire. However, you may … [Read more…]

Avoid a Windshield Repair With These Travel Safety Tips

The holidays mean lots more people are traveling. An increased number of vehicles on the road means the chances are higher that you’ll be involved in an accident or will sustain some sort of damage to your car. Even something relatively minor, such as rocks flying up from the back of another vehicle, can cause you … [Read more…]

Windshield Replacement & Repair for Hail Damage

It’s been a long winter for many of us in the Carolinas. Between cold temperatures, a little bit of snow and ice, and crazy windstorms, we’re all ready for spring. Unfortunately, we sometimes pay the price for those nice, sunny days and warm weather. Spring thunderstorms are a common occurrence in our area. Along with … [Read more…]